We crave community. Every single human being needs a place where they can feel validated in themselves as people. But in a society that constantly wishes to have us fade into the background, no other people is more dependent on community than queer, trans and non-binary people, especially those of black experience. We need spaces where we can simply exist and fully show up as ourselves and not fear policing or censorship. When we can’t receive that community from our fellow queer and trans siblings, some of us seek them in other places that do more harm than good.


One of my most avid interests in middle school was musical theatre. It had been a burgeoning interest for as long as I can remember. When I was 8, my mother and father rented Hairspray, and watching it, something clicked inside. I felt a sense of internal joy and rapture seeing numbers like You Can’t Stop The Beat for the first time. I remember memorizing all the songs in Dreamgirls and verbally telling the world of the genius of West Side Story and the nostalgic bliss of Grease. My love of musical theater solidified in middle school, which was the…

Blue Monday

(THEY/THEM) I'm a Queer Afro Latinx Non Binary writer who writes about media, entertainment and black queer/trans issues

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